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Nasal Health Essentials

Nasal Health Essentials

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Got sinus and allergy issues? We’ve got you covered!

Chlorpheniramine Tablets: These work by blocking the action of histamine, a substance in the body that causes allergic symptoms, and are great to have on hand during acute flares. Chlorpheniramine relieves red, itchy, watery eyes; sneezing; itchy nose or throat; and runny nose caused by allergies, hay fever, and the common cold. Because drowsiness is a possibility, first take this med in the evening to assess its effect on you.

Fluticasone Nasal Spray (also known as FLONASE): This is an allergy relief medicine that works right in your nose to help block your allergic reaction at the source to relieve the symptoms that make you uncomfortable. Fluticasone nasal spray acts on multiple inflammatory substances and is safe for continuous use while necessary as opposed to some other OTC nasal sprays which may cause rebound congestion. Heads up - it may take several days for this product to reach its peak effect.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit: This large volume/low pressure system soothes dry nasal passages, removes excess mucus and provides natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms. Use exactly as directed with distilled or previously-boiled water.

NeilMed Xylitol Packets: Xylitol, a natural sugar, has antibacterial and several other beneficial properties that may help nasal and sinus inflammation from allergies and infection. Feel free to use these daily to create an environment to deter pathogens or alternate with the salt packets which come with your irrigation system.

Alkalol Mucus Solvent & Cleaner: Add some extra oomph to your nasal rinse regimen with the natural power of herbal extracts and essential oils. Alkalol clears nasal cavities of mucus, helps decrease mucosal swelling and prevents mucus from gathering where it may become a breeding ground for bacteria, among other benefits.

Pro Tip: Add Natural D-Hist for even more protection and relief!

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