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Sereniten Plus

Sereniten Plus

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Sereniten Plus moderates the effects of occasional stress and encourages relaxation, positive mood and helps with stress-related effects on digestion, sleep, heart and cognitive function. It supports restful sleep and the immune system during occasional stress.

This supplement includes Lactium®, a clinically researched, ingredient called a bioactive casein decapeptide. It was developed to target stress-related symptoms. Also included in the formula is theanine which helps to calm the sympathetic nervous system for a relaxing effect without drowsiness. Theanine also helps maintain healthy IgA levels, suggesting support for immune health during occasional stress.

Use 1 capsule daily, between meals, or as directed by a health professional.

Moderates the effects of occasional stress and supports restful sleep‡

• Offers support for occasional stress‡
• Encourages relaxation, positive mood and other stress-related effects, including healthy digestion, sleep, and cardiovascular and cognitive function‡
• Promotes healthy immune support during occasional stress with L-theanine and vitamin D‡

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